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The book

Respect is a magical force that works miracles, a miracle pill for success, and it is actually incomprehensible that we did not all have school lessons in this important subject from first grade.

That is why I have written this book for all those who have felt like me, who have tried too long and yet are not progressing as they want and deserve it.

In "Respect - success is so easy" I show you the magic formula, I show you how it is always easier and easier to get to the top, to your all-round success and for the benefit of everyone.

The coaching

How respect works, how easily we can bring more respect into all relationships and how positive and quick appreciation works - that is what I described in the book.

If you are like me, impatient and committed, and are looking for success, then coaching might be just the thing for you ... With a mentor by our side, it is not only faster and easier, it also requires significantly less try & error.

Find out for yourself in a free 45 minute strategy talk with me. Time is money, they say. But more than that, there are opportunity costs, the costs of neglecting, delaying, being too late, ergo of losing. Costs that you cannot see and grasp and which in the end cost us very dearly.

Find the next free appointment with me right away - I'm looking forward to it!

Respect - success is that easy

Are you an entrepreneur, self-employed person or craftsman?

  • Do you work a lot and dream of just having more air?
  • Do you wish to get better prices and higher fees for your top services on the market?
  • Or do you just want things to be easier, better and more enjoyable?

Then you should let one of the strongest forces there is work for you - instead of having to put infinite energy into your activities.

I speak of respect. Of authentic, real respect for yourself and your surroundings. You will be amazed at what is going on. It's easier, faster and better ...

Only a few have recognized it.

Respect is the key - and YOU should use it now. For the benefit of your customers, your family and yourself.

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More customers
Fees up,
Super happy!

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Respect is probably the most underrated force in our society. We learned little about it in school, let alone understood how to use respect in everyday life for the benefit of everyone involved.

It took me many years to realize this myself, and my wife was more than once an obstetrician and coach for me at the same time.

And the amazing thing is: knowledge alone is far from being enough.
Even after I believed I understood the concept, it still took years of practice and application to discover the many details about appreciation and respect, and to understand the system behind it.

Everyone can of course do the same, discover it for themselves - and invest half a professional life for it ...

But if you're impatient, curious, and hungry, like me, I'll be happy to show you the acronym. It's very easy ...

just like little children do: do it first - then understand.

And what YOU can do, step by step, I'll show you and I'll be happy to accompany you. If you like. Surprises guaranteed, spontaneous successes not excluded.

Sign up for a free strategy talk with me and let's see what's going on with you. I am looking forward to getting to know you personally.

Your Juergen

JT Foxx Chicago - Respect is the Basis of All

No. 1 business coach, serial entrepreneur, real estate and private investor, JTFoxx on the power of respect and his experience with Juergen at a 5-day business event in London.

(02:42, English)

(02:27, German)


Patrick, young entrepreneur, 8: 1 coaching for 1 weeks.
I discovered my own limits, realigned my focus, increased my self-confidence, found new perspectives and brought the business forward. It was worth it, recommended.


Irem, law student and prospective marketing and social media entrepreneur about the zoom coaching with Juergen, in the middle of the Corona period.

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International Voices on Respect

Interviews on “Respect” around the world in 2019 and 2020.

Fred Fishback, CEO of Javelin Industries - Respect

Respect - something very significant and needed today.
The concept of respect is so foundational, it is what you have to get under control first.

We need the simplicity of this concept.

I think you are on something very significant and I'm very excited what you are doing Juergen.

Respect is the foundation of our relationships,
respect is the foundation of self-esteem,
respect is the foundation of additional growth.

I'm really excited what you are doing, it's a very powerful concept.

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Conference in London's Prestigious Law Society

Abridged interviews about “Respect” on a Business Conference 2020 in London's prestigious Law Society.

Respect Interview Hilton London Metropole

Abridged “Respect” Interview 2020 in the Hilton London Metropole Lobby

(01:37, English)

(01:29, German)


I owe him a lot, he puts everything into his heart's projects, is open to the world and is not afraid of change, not afraid of challenges ... In the six months that I have known him, he has helped me so much in my personal thinking, you will only go out there with a plus.